Get quantitative results for mental health analyses

Computer-based decision-making support system for
observing the futility-stopping rule in clinical trials 

You are welcome to analytical reports based on your electroencephalographic data.


Neuroface analytical service enables the most insightful and easy-to-understand quantitative results. Specialists are able to add to their expert opinions the insightful and reliable quantitative results of mathematical analysis. 
For pharmaceutical manufacturers it could dramatically improve the observing of futility-stopping rule process in clinical trials.  Facing with an inefficient drug our tool reduces costs for «dead horses» approximately:
– 5 years
– 250M$ per pipeline
It’s a great benefit for investment departmentsFor efficient drug Neuroface analytical report is the efficacy display:
– Our tool provides an objective assessment based on biomarkers. 
– At the same time, it gives R&D departments a huge number of objective parameters to demonstrate the best qualities of medicines.
– We use about 10,000 quantitative parameters for each of the five formulas for analysis.
– Analytical reports contain the quantitative data for FDA ApprovalOur proprietary database combined with market-leading computing technologies provides a basis for high accuracy in analyzing the brain waves. The accuracy of analytical results is based on an extra quality “labelled” database that was collected during the decades and which laid down as a settlement ground for the computing process.The web-service gives a never-before-seen opportunity to make decisions with the help of computing analysis from any spot of the world.Please meet the requirements to input information and files in order to gain advantages of our best possibilities and high accuracy.